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Wedding Events


Cocktail Hour

Dinner / Reception

Private Events

Available to perform in private venues and/or exclusive gatherings.

Corporate Events

Awards Gala
Holiday Parties
Charitable Events 

How to Book

1)  CONTACT US - Please complete our online contact form and include the date and location of your event. Once we receive your inquiry, one of our team members will contact you and review the details of your event. During this time please ask us any questions; we want to get a clear understanding for the style/atmosphere you are desiring for your event. Once we receive the details of your event, we can then provide you with a customized and accurate quote of our entertainment services. 


2) COME WATCH US PERFORM - In order to give you a true visual of 30Vice performing live, we invite you to come watch us perform in front of a live audience! Join us for a fun night as we regularly perform at various venues in both South Florida and Nashville. Our live "gigs" are listed on our website in our calendar page.

3) PLACE A DEPOSIT - If you enjoyed our live performance and entertainment services is what you want for your event, then you can reserve the band for your date by placing a non-refundable deposit. Payment can be made via credit card, bank transfer, check or in person at a live performance. You don't need a confirmed schedule or timeline of your event yet - just have your deposit with your signed service contract agreement.

Working with Us

4) PLANNING - 30Vice will provide you with an event questionnaire for you to complete. This questionnaire will help us in planning and preparing for your event based on your specific feedback and desires. Along the way, our team will be in contact with you to review every part of the entertainment of your event. 


5) CONFIRMATION - A week prior to your event, the 30Vice team will review the final plan for entertainment regarding your event. Minor adjustments occur during this time and we will confirm to make sure that the agenda/plan is correct.


6) DAY OF EVENT - With the entire plan in place, you can confidently enjoy your event and dance the night away with your friend and family! 30Vice will provide the high-energy and you and your guests can celebrate your special day!

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